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​​​Do's & Dont's​​​​​​ DONT'S

  ​Pleas​e help us by: ​​​​​

​​Keeping to the paths as much as possible​
Making use of toilet facilities
Using litter bins
Being decently dressed​

Keeping your ticket which must be shown on demand

  ​Refraining from:​


Feeding the animals both aquatic and terrestrial

​Plucking flowers, fruits or any other plant ​
​Lighting fires​
​Swimming and fishing
​Throwing coins in ponds/on water lilies
Consuming alcoholic drinks and smoke
Climbing on the trees, monuments, buildings and structures

​Parents are advised to supervise their children at all times ​

For Further information:​


Tel: (230)​ 243 94 01

Fax: (230) 243 94 02