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​Listed Monuments​​​

Lienard Obelisk


This graceful white column made of marble has been donated by Lienard to the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences of Mauritius and it is located in the Garden.
On the sides of the marble one can read the names of those persons who have contributed towards Agriculture in Mauritius and also for the Garden.
​ ​

Old Sugar Mill Model

This Old Sugar Mill Model has been built by the Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture in 1953. It is a replica of early sugar mills with vertical cylinders drawn by oxen.
The cane juice accumulated in a pond and led into a set of five caudrons, two of which served to filter off foreign bodies. The juice was then cooked to the consistency of caramel.
After setting in a wooden tray it was shaped into wooden moulds. This Old Sugar Mill Model satisfied the needs of its time.

Chateau de Mon Plaisir

​The Chateau de Mon Plaisir was a small building with flat roof and circular verandahs till the year 1839.
The present one storayed building has been erected by the English towards the middle of 19
th Century and is listed under the National Monuments and as such is protected by law.
An attractive view of the Moka Range and the Peak of Pieter Both can be availed of from the Chateau.