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​​​​Opening Hours & Entrance Fee

​​Opening Hours 
                               Monday to Sunday (including public holidays)

08.30 hrs to 17.30 hrs
Entrance Fee​
M​aurit​ian Citizen ​ ​​​​
​ Under the age of 5
 ​​Between the age of 5 and 59
 Of the age of 60 and over

Non Mauritian Citizen

​  Under the age of 5
​ Of the age of 5 and above (not holder of a residence permit)
​​ Holder of a residence permit
​​​Entrance to the Garden is free on Sundays an​d Public Holidays for Mauritians only ​​
The tariff for activities are as follows:

(a) Film Shooting,photographic session, video filming and any other activity

1) Up to 10 persons     …………………..………….Rs .2,500 per day
(2) Each additional person       …………..………...​ Rs.    200 per day
​​Every educational institution which proposes to organize a visit at the garden by its students may, not less than 15 days before the date of the proposed visit, make an application to the Director, in such form and manner as he thinks fit, to be exempted from payment of the entrance fee. A processing fee of Rs 100 must accompany the application​.​
Every person who proposes to carry out an activity in the Garden shall not less than 15 days before the proposed date of the activity, make an application to the Director in such form and manner, and sub​mit such document and information, as the Director thinks fit.​